The WIlkinsburg Sun is distributed free of charge within the Wilkinsburg Business District, and online. This is only possible due to several grants and the generosity of individuals and organizations who have given us donations of time and materials. Additionally, we have benefitted from collaboration with two government entities who pay the Sun for a page of information in each issue.

Grants: Pennsylvania State Representative Joseph Preston has given the Sun a grant for $25,000 to help defray our operating costs. This generous grant will enable us to continue to grow over the next several years. State Senator Jim Ferlo also provided a $5000 grant that will pay for sporadic inclusion of issues in the PennySaver. This will allow every household in the Borough to receive a copy of the Sun for at least four months over the next several years.

Graphic Designer Helen Worsing has generously donated her time to layout and design the Sun each month. Helen’s day job is Art Director for Mt. Lebanon Magazine. Her continuing support has been crucial to our success.

The Borough of Wilkinsburg and the Wilkinsburg School District each pay the Sun for a page of news each month. This allows them to highlight news they feel is important without the large cost of creating their own newsletters, and it supports the Sun’s mission of collaboration.

The Sun is supported by a number of local advertisers who regularly advertise their businesses in our pages to get the word out about the great services and products available in Wilkinsburg. Besides the Sun’s value as a source of news, it is also important as a way for businesses to reach residents.

Last but not least, the Western Pennsylvania School For the Deaf is an integral sponsor of the Sun. They have been generous with their printing services and are single-handedly responsible for enabling us to keep going. Their recently upgraded printing press is making the Sun look better with each issue. We can’t say enough good things about the support that they have shown for the Sun and the community in general.

All of these folks deserve our gratitude. Without them, there would be no Wilkinsburg Sun and no one would know about all the great things happening! Thanks to all of you!

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