About The Wilkinsburg Sun

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The Wilkinsburg Sun is a community newsletter for Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania that published its first issue in August of 2007. We highlight the positive stories about Wilkinsburg that often slip through the cracks of more traditional media. Those of us who live here know that Wilkinsburg has a lot to offer and has an extremely diverse group of noteworthy and interesting residents, and the Sun aims to highlight their achievments. This community has a lot going on. Wilkinsburg is in the midst of a rennaisance of sorts, with many efforts to improve the Borough underway through the School District, Borough Government, Chamber of Commerce and the newly formed Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation. There hasn’t been this level of collaboration on projects to improve the Borough in many years, and the results are beginning to show through projects like Peebles Square and the Hamnett Place housing development on Jeanette St. The Sun aims to highlight and encourage this type of collaboration by providing a vehicle for government, businesses, non-profits and residents to share information. There’s a lot going on in Wilkinsburg these days, and the Sun wants everyone to know about it.

The Wilkinsburg Newsletter Board, a volunteer independent board made up of five residents, works with a paid editor and a volunteer ad sales person to provide a monthly paper newsletter that is distributed free of charge in the Wilkinsburg business district once a month. The Sun publishes ten issues a year. We take August and December off from publishing the paper version.

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