Roads Being Paved Around The Borough!


The following lists were supplied by the borough manager and detail what sections of roads in the borough will be paved or micropaved this summer. The road listed first is the road that will be paved. The streets in parenthesis are the boundaries of that section. (EX: “Laketon (Winton-Graham)” means that Laketon Road will be paved from Winton Street to Graham Blvd.)


The following sections of road will be paved, funded by bond proceeds.

Midland (Franklin-Woodlawn)

Whitney (Center-End)

South (Trenton-City line)

West (South – Penn)

Hill (Pitt-Hay)

LaBelle (Montier-Clark)

Greensburg (Penn-Boro line)

Old Gate (Penn-Graham)

Wright (Sloan-Clark)

Laketon (Winton-Graham)

Village (Winton-Turner)

Andrew (Douglass-Dead end)

South Trenton (@ Penn)

Peebles (@ Penn)

Hay & North Intersection

North & Mill Intersection

Wood & South Intersection

South & Coal Intersection

Franklin & Coal Intersection

Swissvale & Rebecca Intersec.

Pitt (Holmes-Tioga)

Hill (Coal-Swissvale)

Rebecca (Wood – Mulberry)

South (Swissvale – Ardmore)

Graham & Collins Intersection


The following sections of road will be paved with Community Block Grant Funds:

Rebecca Ave (Swissvale-Ella)

Ross Ave (Hay-Center)

Lindsay Rd (Beech-Graham)

Rebecca Ave (Craft-Ardmore)


The following sections of road will be micropaved with an overlay on top of the existing road:

Center St. (Holland-Rebecca)

Center St. (Rebecca-Penn)

Center St. (Penn-Grant Way)

Princeton Blvd (Marlboro-Traymore)

Wallace Ave (Swissvale-Wood)

North Ave (Wood-Center)

Traymore Ave (Marlboro-Princeton)

Blackridge Rd (Old Gate-Wm Penn)

Sebring Pl (Collins-McNary)

Hollywood Dr (Collins-Borough line)

Light House Pt. (Beacon Hill-Dead End)

Doyle St. (Kendon-Laketon)

Savannah Ave (Union-Borough line)

Woodlawn Ave (Midland-Dead End)

Findlay Dr. (Penn-Penn)

Biddle Ave (City line-Hay)


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