Wilkinsburg to Benefit from Half Million in Tree Planting Funds


Wilkinsburg, in conjunction with the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, will receive $500,000 in funding through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority, or Pennvest, according to State Rep. Joseph Preston, Jr.

The loan will be used for the Wilkinsburg’s TreeVitalize project to plant 500 new trees throughout the borough in order to reduce storm water runoff into Nine Mile Run. Preston said the financing is being provided to the conservancy in the form of principal forgiveness, and will not have to be repaid.

“While Wilkinsburg is turning aroundeconomically, our work is not done. This funding will help to beautify the community and that is something we desperately need,” Preston said.

Pennvest is an independent agency of the Commonwealth that funds sewer, storm water and drinking water projects statewide through federal grants and loans to improve the environment and public health.

Created in 2004, TreeVitalize is a public-private partnership with a mission of restoring tree cover in urban areas while educating residents of the positive impact trees make on the environment.


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