Pittsburgh Zoo Visits Turner for Interactive Assembly


Turner Elementary School enjoyed an interactive and educational visit from the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium on November 9. First through third-graders attended an exciting assembly on “Rainforest Rhythms,” which was sponsored by the Nutrition Group, in partnership with the Pittsburgh Zoo and Reinhart Foods.

The staff of the Pittsburgh Zoo brought along their “Zoomobile,” which included three live animals to introduce to students. The animals included a Prehensile Porcupine, a Solomon Island Prehensile-tailed Skink, and a Red-tailed Boa Constrictor. When introducing each animal, the Pittsburgh Zoo’s Education Specialist, Christine Noel, discussed their unique features and characteristics, as well as their habitat and diet.

Students were encouraged to ask questions as Ms. Noel weaved her way through the audience to provide students with a closer inspection of each animal.

To maximize the educational nature of the assembly, Michelle Marker, of the Nutrition Group, was also on hand to explain to students that the animals are on special diets to ensure proper development. She also stressed the importance of making wise food choices to make sure we also are nourished and healthy. Students were encouraged to wear their favorite animal prints or colors, and they were treated to a zoo-themed lunch prior to the assembly.

“This assembly was the perfect combination of education and excitement for our kids,” said Turner Principal Tanya Smith. “Meeting such unique animals and formulating questions about them really sparked a great curiosity and enthusiasm in our students, which I’m confident will carry over into the classroom.”


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