Challenge Kicks Off Program at Wilkinsburg High School


The Challenge Program, Inc., a regional non-profit organization that provides high school students with incentives for success, kicked off the program at Wilkinsburg High School with an orientation assembly.

The program partners with local businesses to motivate high school students both in and out of the classroom. This partnership creates good habits in students and provides businesses with tangible results for their investments. Twelve students in the sophomore, junior, and senior classes who excel in the areas of attendance, academic excellence, academic improvement, and community service will receive an award in the amount of $250 for their efforts.

This year’s orientation incorporated a baseball theme to challenge students to become academic “all-stars.” “To be stars in the game of life, students have to show up, take their performance to the next level, and always ‘throw’ something back to their community. We can’t go through life with catcher’s mitts on both hands,” said Mary Dreliszak, senior manager of program development for program.

LifeCare Hospitals sponsors the student awards at Wilkinsburg High School. André Bentley, Radiology Services Manager for LifeCare Hospitals, addressed the students about the qualities the organization values in its employees. Since 2003, the generous support of businesses, foundations, and individuals, has introduced the program to more than 200,000 students and to date over 5,200 students have received $1.3 million.


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