Wilkinsburg Comprehensive Plan Is Official


Residents will be hearing more about the Comprehensive Plan that Wilkinsburg Council recently approved in its final form.
The plan, which assesses every aspect of the municipality, offers long-term strategies for addressing public safety, housing, community life, the business district and fiscal concerns.
The document is available to the public on the borough website under the tab “Projects and Initiatives,” then “Wilkinsburg Plan.”
The community is already seeing some changes because of the plan. The formation of the Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation (WCDC) is just one example of plan-generated change.
The WCDC has already hired a Beautification Coordinator as part of the plans for the revitalization of the business district.
After a real estate inventory, properties for sale and rent were listed at http://www.downtownwilkinsburgparealestate.com several months ago. This led to a sale of a Wood St. property recently. In the months to come, new litter receptacles and main street banners will line Penn Ave. Executive Director Tracey Evans says that a tree replanting plan for the business district will begin in the spring. Much more is on the way.


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