Constitution Day Prompts High School Web Summit on Civil Liberties and Cyber Security


To mark the occasion of Constitution Day on Sept. 17, a group of Wilkinsburg High School students took part in an International Student Summit on Cyber Security and Civil Liberties presented by the World Affairs Council of Greater Pittsburgh.
The students connected to others, locally and around the world, through video conference and webcast, to discuss the tensions between cyber security and civil liberties issues.
They were also able to question a distinguished panel of experts that included Mr. Jaanus Kirikmae, Consul General of Estonia, and Mr. Ron Plesco, President and CEO of the National Cyber-Forensics Training Alliance.
Senior Seasne Raney reflected: “I learned that the government does monitor your cyber activity, but that it’s for the greater good, and for the safety of our country. I loved interacting with the other schools.”

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