Watch the Weeds


It didn’t seem possible a few weeks ago, but the grass is actually starting to grow again under our feet. Before your yard gets too out of control, here are some of the borough rules and regulations concerning grass and vegetation.

Grass and vegetation can not exceed a 12 inches in height, throw off any unpleasant or noxious odor, or conceal any unsanitary deposit, or to create or produce pollen. Property owners are responsible for removing, trimming or cutting all grass, weeds or other vegetation  that is found to be in violation.

If the property is in violation, owners or occupants can receive a citation requiring them to cut the grass within five days of receipt of notice. Failure to comply can result in fines and if the property stays uncut, the borough may cut your grass for you and send you a bill for the cost plus 10 percent.

If you would like to report a violation of this ordinance, contact the Wilkinsburg Code Enforcement Office at (412) 244-2923.

Code inspectors investigate structures and properties in order to ensure compliance with the borough’s housing, zoning, graphics, health, sanitation, and safety regulations.


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