Hunter Park Goes Green!


Hunter Park in Wilkinsburg has gone green with the recent completion of Phase 2 of the Park Improvement Project. L.E.D. security lights have been installed in the park, illuminating the parking lot, basketball courts, playground area and ballfield. A total of 8 light fixtures were installed at a cost of $35,035 by Imbue Technology Solutions, Inc. of Pittsburgh, a minority owned and operated company. These lights use only 70 watts of power but emit light equivalent to a 400-watt conventional fixture. Therefore the lights use 85% less energy than conventional lights with the same lighting output. Phase 2 also included a walking trail and benches constructed by East Coast Paving Company of New Castle, PA at a cost of $66,313.70. Funding for the project was provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Borough of Wilkinsburg.


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