Living Amphitheater Proposed For Wilkinsburg


A proposal for the $25K Changemakers “Voices of Youth” grant sponsored by the Pittsburgh Foundation and the Grable Foundation for a living amphitheater in Wilkinsburg Borough is now online:

(The link immediately shows the first two sections of the proposal, but you have to scroll down and click on “impact” and “sustainability” to read the rest.)

Some details from the submission:

“An outdoor, sculpted-earth amphitheater will provide a flexible arena for a variety of events, speaking for those who help design and construct it, and speaking to those who will gather within its bounds. The amphitheater will be the product of a community-based process commencing with forums to gather input from kids, teens and community members to reflect the needs and aspirations of our youth population.

The amphitheater will represent the living elements in our community by incorporating interactive, natural components such as raised bed planters and water features. It will manage storm water retention thru sculpted-earth design, rain catchment systems, a rain garden, and permeable turf and landscaped surfaces. Raised bed plantings will accommodate a variety of organically grown, edible plants including berry-producing bushes, sensory herbs, vegetables, and vibrant flowers. Vining gourds cultivated to become musical instruments will have the added benefit of a pleasing aesthetic during the growing season. Fruit trees will be woven together, eventually providing a naturally shaded cove encouraging contemplation of goals achieved and motivation for future projects. Students with technical inclinations may be interested in creating art that harnesses nature’s renewable resources, such as a solar powered LED security light.”

A group of residents lead by Lazae LaSpina put the proposal together and is looking for feedback and support. 

The process for selection is as follows… From now until June 14th, a panel will review the 45+ entries and select 5 to 10 finalists. From June 15th to July 3rd, the public will vote to decide which two projects should receive funding.

From Lazae…..”We can use your help now! Please register online (free) to make comments to our entry. If you think it’s a fantastic idea, please say so by specifying why you think our entry over all others will give a voice to youth. And if you have a question about something in the proposal, please feel free to point that out as well… I view this as an opportunity to further detail our submission by replying to online questions.”

To be able to vote and post online comments, you will need to create a free account on the Changemakers website:

If you are in support of the Living Amphitheater, please forward this email to family and friends.     🙂


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