Health is Wealth: The Second Annual Wilkinsburg Community Health Fair


The Kwame Ture Leadership Institute, the Wilkinsburg Chamber of Commerce, the Wilkinsburg Public Schools and Duquesne University are sponsoring the Second Annual Wilkinsburg Community Health Fair Saturday June 20th from noon to 4 p.m. Everyone is welcome.

The health fair, which will be held at Wilkinsburg High School, 747 Wallace Avenue, is an opportunity for members of the Wilkinsburg and surrounding communities to receive free health screenings for asthma, cholesterol, blood pressure, prostate, stroke, bone density, hearing, stress and more. Light refreshments will also be provided.

To date, 25 health care providers have agreed to participate in this year’s health fair. All Wilkinsburg residents are encouraged to attend.

Please contact Dr. Uhuru Hotep at or call 412-396-5171 for more information.


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