Got a Rain Barrel?


Did you know…?

Stormwater runoff from roofs, concrete, and asphalt surfaces carries pollutants directly into Nine Mile Run.
Stormwater runoff causes sewage overflows in Nine Mile Run.
Rain barrels are a simple cost effective solution to the problems caused by stormwater runoff.
Rain barrels reduce runoff by keeping stormwater out of sewer lines and directing it to a permeable area like a garden or lawn.
Rain barrels are also a great way to conserve water. During periods of drought use the captured rain water for your thirsty plants.
Did you also know that as a watershed resident you are eligible for a NMR rain barrel at the subsidized price of $100 plus tax?

Your participation in the NMR Rain Barrel Initiative helps to keep sewage overflows and nonpoint source pollutants out of Nine Mile Run.


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