Who Needs Home Depot When You Live In Wilkinsburg?


For anyone doing home repair or rehab in Wilkinsburg there is no need to drive to Home Depot or Lowe’s for building supplies. Just about anything you can get at one of those big box stores you can get right here. There are a number of suppliers in the borough who can not only provide customers with their needs at prices competitive with those big boxers, but also extensive selections and stock. If you need advice on your project and the product, no one can offer better expertise than the supplier can; he has seen it all and knows all about the product he sells. These suppliers are institutions in Wilkinsburg with many being around longer that most residents of the borough. Wilkinsburg suppliers carry concrete block, brick, concrete and all masonry needs. You can find wood and steel studs, structural lumber and plywood. They have drywall and complete drywall supplies. All the lighting and electrical needs that you can ever imagine are sitting right in the middle of the borough’s business district. Furnaces, boilers and all your plumbing needs are stocked in the borough. Doors and complete door hardware are available in Wilkinsburg, as well. You can get a complete kitchen or bath and paint for the entire house with some of the best paints available: all from suppliers in Wilkinsburg. As there are many individuals rehabbing and repairing much of the wonderful old housing stock that is in the borough, much time can be saved using the neighborhood supplier where they can not only get what materials they need, but also great expertise. At the same time there is a number of larger projects such as Peebles Square residential development and the Penn-Lincoln Hotel renovation that are starting up soon in Wilkinsburg we look forward to these suppliers being able to supply a portion of the materials to these projects.


W. G. Balph Co., 311 Bruston Avenue (Since 1926) Nestled behind Lifecare Hospital, this plumbing supply house carries a complete line of plumbing supplies from piping and toilets to boilers, furnaces and bathtubs.

Davis-Fetch Corp. 743 Ross Avenue (Since 1955) Next door to Sav-A-Lot on Ross Avenue, Davis-Fetch carries primarily commercial doors and frames and all the related hardware, but can provide residential products, as well.

Houston-Starr Co. 300 Brushton Avenue (Since 1872) Also located behind Lifecare, Houston-Starr handles kitchen cabinets, sinks, and appliances. They carry both commercial and residential doors and hardware, storm doors, both steel and wood studs and an extensive line of masonry products.

Meade Products 335 Meade Street (Since 1959) Behind the Rite-Aid Drugstore on Penn Avenue, Meade carries exclusively drywall and plaster products and all sizes and thickness of drywall stucco and plaster materials and tools, as well as steel studs.

Pennwood Paint 811 Wood Street (Since 1955) On Wood Street between Ross and South Avenues, Pennwood is a Benjamin Moore paint retailer offering the highest quality of paints available. The staff there can match any color you can think of and many more that have not been though of.

Stanton Electric Supply, Inc. 521 Penn Avenue (Since 1954) Right across the street from Wilkinsburg Beverage, Stanton can provide the best lines of industrial electrical products, as well all needs for the residential customer, including breaker boxes and breakers of any size, wiring, junction boxes and lighting fixtures.


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