TRCIL Launches Life-Altering Program


Three Rivers Center for Independent Living (TRCIL), a nonprofit, non-residential organization located in Wilkinsburg, unveiled a new life-altering program, “Living Well With A Disability,” which will help people with disabilities in Allegheny County to live well and enjoy all aspects of life.

“Living Well With A Disability’ is designed to assist a person, regardless of disability, to live well in every aspect of his or her life,” says Stanley Holbrook, President and CEO of TRCIL. The free, one-stop resource is accessed by phone. The program will help identify and define what living well means to an individual from joining a sports league, finding a job, or running a marathon. “No request is too small or too large,” Holbrook says. 

The Pennsylvania Department of State’s Deputy Secretary for Administration, Harry A. VanSickle, and Milton Henderson, chair of the Pennsylvania Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC), joined Holbrook in announcing the new. Nearly 150 advocates and individuals from social service and disability-related organizations attended the launch to recognize the importance and lives changing support the program offers individuals with disabilities.

“Living Well With A Disability” provides a thorough 25-point lifestyle assessment conducted by a qualified living well specialist. It includes questions about the individual’s needs as well as their interests, hopes for the future, goals and dreams.

Once the one-on-one assessment is complete, the Living Well team develops a comprehensive menu of services and options tailored for the individual. The assessment considers all aspects of living well with a disability including housing options, community access, employment, physical fitness, and much more.

The program is managed by people with disabilities, who know

the challenges that exist, and how to overcome them. This holistic approach is unlike any other known organization or program in the Pittsburgh area.

Holbrook emphasizes that the specialists not only assist people with disabilities to obtain basic services and programs, but also provide options for what could be life changing opportunities that the consumer may not have envisioned. “I believe this program will continue to change and empower the lives of people with disabilities,” he says.


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