Borough Cleanup A Success!


Yesterday, around 45 volunteers, including 12 Pitt students who showed up as part of Pitt Make A Difference Day, collected roughly 100 bags of litter as well as numerous large items such as tires and furniture in several areas of the Borough.

Penn Avenue: 10 blocks from the Busway all the way up to a block past the Abe Lincoln Statue.

Franklin Avenue: 3 blocks from Ardmore to Swissvale.

Campbell Street: 2 blocks (the whole street) – Stan Garrett who lives on Campbell got a bunch of local kids to come out and help and even grilled hotdogs for everyone. They pulled tons of weeds, litter and tires from the yards and vacant lots. This was the shining star of the day and Mr. Garrett’s efforts made a huge difference in his neighborhood.

The Linear Park: The entire length from South Ave to Hamnett Station

Here are some photos from the event. Thanks to everyone who helped including Linda Law who made bag lunches for all volunteers, Chris Miller of Wilkinsburg Beverage who donated water (once again!) for everyone, and Deb Rose and Brian Trovato who delivered lunches to everyone. Thanks to Boris Weinstein of Citizens Against Litter for helping to arrange our assistance from Pitt. And of course thanks to Terry Milani of Pitt and all the Pitt students who helped make the day a success.


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