National Fire Safety Week October 5-11 2008


By Captain Chip Petersen
Wilkinsburg Fire Department

Your home should be a safe place. Do you do a regular check for fire hazards? There are many conditions that can lead to injuries or fires. Fire departments responded to nearly 400,000 house fires in 2006.

 From October 5-11, 2008, fire safety advocates are asking for the public to take notice of conditions in their communities that, with a little extra caution can prevent the leading causes of home fires—cooking, heating, electrical and smoking materials. Below is a short list of items that you can check in your home and places you visit to reduce the risk of injury or fire.

* Check that electrical cords are in good condition. 
* Use extension cords safely, not under carpets or across walking areas.
* Don’t overload electrical outlets.
* Make sure all escape routes are clear of clutter and easily accessible.
* Have your furnace inspected once a year.
 * Test your smoke detector and replace the batteries twice a year. 
* Keep portable space heaters at least three feet away from anything flammable.  
* Make sure your clothes dryer has a clean vent and filter with no lint build up.
Also Wilkinsburg homeowners are eligible for free smoke detectors and automatic kitchen fire suppession systems. Call 412-244-2930 to see if you are eligible.


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