Wilkinsburg Community Ministry Celebrates 40th Anniversary


The Wilkinsburg Community Ministry (WCM) is celebrating its 40th anniversary on October 17. This is a real milestone for any ministry and WCM is very proud of its many accomplishments. The anniversary will be celebrated with a dinner and entertainment at the South Avenue Methodist Church. The Board of Directors of the WCM invites all Wilkinsburg residents to join in the celebration of this vital outreach program.

Currently WCM has wide and varied programs to meet the many needs of the people in the community: Meals on Wheels, Angel Food Ministries, The After School Partnership—a food program for at-risk children—Dollar Energy Application Assistance, a free bread and clothing program and emergency aid (including the food pantry) to anyone in need.

If you would like any further information regarding the celebration or the programs offered please call the WCM office 412-241-8072, or visit the new location at 702, 704 and 708 Wood Street.


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