Wilkinsburg Business District Recognized


Wilkinsburg’s central business district has been recognized for its historical value. The Young Preservationists Association (YPA) of Pittsburgh listed Wilkinsburg’s “Main Street,” Penn Avenue, as one of 10 sites in southwestern Pennsylvania that they wish to be preserved.
“The commercial core is an outstanding example of the classic Western Pennsylvania small-town main street,” says Dan Holland, founder and chief executive officer of the YPA., who ranked the site No. 3 on the list.
Holland started the top 10 list in 2003 to bring attention to the positive restoration work happening across the region. The rankings are based on a formula that considers the strength of community efforts, feasibility of saving the site and the threat to it and its location.
Although the inclusion on the list does not bring any grant money, it helps to raise the community’s profile at a time when Wilkinsburg is applying for inclusion on the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development’s Main Street program. Main Street communities are eligible for funding, training and technical assistance as part of a five-year economic revitalization plan.

Dan Holland of the YPA and Mayor John Thompson.

Dan Holland of the YPA and Mayor John Thompson.


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