Borough Updating Comprehensive Plan….With Your Help


Where do you see Wilkinsburg in 2018? What direction would you like to see
the borough take in the next 10 years? Now’s your chance to speak up.
Wilkinsburg is updating its comprehensive plan. A comprehensive plan is a
blueprint for development and land use in the Borough over the next decade.

It’s advisable to do one every 10 years, and Wilkinsburg is right on
schedule, as the last plan was completed in 1998. This year, the
comprehensive plan will be put together along with a five-year plan and
financial management study which is aimed at improving a community’s
financial management capability and strengthening its fiscal stability
through multi-year planning. Both plans will be compiled by Delta
Development Group, a professional planning and development company based in
Mechanicsburg, Pa., with an office in Cranberry Township.
The comprehensive plan involves taking an inventory of all the community’s
assets-residential and commercial property, infrastructure, community
services, transportation-and identifying its strengths, weaknesses, threats
and opportunities, before recommending strategies to maintain and enhance a
community’s economic base, improve its housing stock and provide public
In order for a plan to be successful, says Borough Manager Marla Marcinko,
there needs to be a high level of community involvement in order to identify
and understand the community’s interests. “We will publicize the meetings
any way we can,” she says. “We want to hear from all key stakeholders.”
Marcinko believes the current plan, completed in 1998, was underutilized.
“It’s very important that we come away with tangible goals and guidelines
that are implementable over the next 10 years.”
One difference she expects in the upcoming plan is the inclusion of a master
site plan for the business district, which would serve as a guide for the
future of the Main Street Program. The site plan would evaluate factors such
as parking, existing businesses and available commercial space and would
present a forecast of future business district development.
Another section of the comprehensive plan is a management audit, which will
evaluate all Borough operations and makes recommendations for improved
The tentative timeframe for completion of both the comprehensive and
financial management study is sometime in the fall of 2009.


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