Letter To the Editor: The Wilkinsburg Community Urgency Fund for Children


Four years ago fruition for such a fund was ignited by Mrs. Gwendolyn Butler and Mrs. Jean Kirkland when we visited a child who was injured in an automobile accident and as he recovered all we could do was pray. Prayer is always in order to call upon God to heal our wounds and spirits. Thus, we began to seek a solution for our youth to encourage their recovery. We want to include the businesses and citizens of our great borough to join us in providing assistance to those children in need.

How can you help? We have set up an account with PNC Bank to receive your donations to be dispersed to a child in need to say “We love you and our community wants the best for our children in every situation.” Visit the Wilkinsburg PNC Bank and deposit your gift, or send a check or money order to:

Wilkinsburg Community Urgency Fund for Children P.O. Box 86013 Wilkinburg, PA 15221 You will be receipted. Thank you! – Jean Kirkland


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