The December 2020/January 2021 Issue of the Sun is Here!

November 30, 2020 by

2020 has been a year to remember, and now you can say goodbye to it and hello to the new year with the our final issue for 2020. As usual, there’s a lot of info packed inside the Sun’s pages. Whether it’s learning what’s new with projects like the Ardmore Boulevard wall, the new Abraham Lincoln statue, profiles of the new Code Enforcement Director and Rodney Herrman of Herrman Printing or any of the other announcements or news items, there’s something in the Sun for you!

And don’t forget to look at the ads from ourt awesome advertisers. With their help we continue to be able to bring you all of the info in the Sun at no cost to you. Let’s take a moment to thank them for supporting Wilkinsburg and remember to think of our local businesses when you start doing your holiday shopping.

A special shout out goes to the following advertisers for their support for this and many other issues.

Kenyon Jewelers
East End Food Co-op
Dollar Bank
Tri-State Capital Bank
Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development
James Flower Shoppe
Metro Community Health Center

and our Community Partners:
The Borough of Wilkinsburg
The Wilkinsburg School District
The Wilkinsburg Chamber of Commerce
The Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation

Click HERE to download the new issue!

The November Sun is Here!

November 5, 2020 by

Election Day is over, even if the results aren’t in yet. While you wait to hear who won what you can check out the new issue to find out the who, what, where, when and how of Wilkinsburg! Click here or on the image below to download the pdf.

Time to Vote! And Time for the October Sun!

September 28, 2020 by

Do you have your plan to vote already? No? Check out the October issue of the Sun for all the info you need on voting and everything Wilkinsburg! Click here or on the cover below to download the PDF. And remember….VOTE!

Check Out the September Issue of the Sun!

August 30, 2020 by

Want to know how to safely and securely vote in this year’s important election? Want to know why it’s critical that you fill out your US Census form? How about where to find the new Thursday Market and get free organic produce? Or maybe you’d be interested to know about the way the Wilkinsburg School District is approaching the coming school year, or about progress on big infrastructure projects in the Borough like the Penn Ave underpass restoration or the new linear park on Ardmore Blvd. You can find all of that and more in the September issue of the Wilkinsburg Sun, all for FREE, by clicking on the cover photo below. What are you waiting for?

It’s Hot Out, and So Is the Summer Issue Of The Sun

June 29, 2020 by

Click here or on the cover image below to find out what’s happening in Wilkinsburg! A march for peace, updates on the Ardmore Wall and Wood Street, there’s a lot to get caught up on!

The June Issue of the Sun is here!

May 31, 2020 by

Wow. It’s June already. It’s been a difficult year so far to say the least, but you know what will make you feel better? The smiling faces of the Wilkinsburg kids featured in this month’s issue of the Sun! Check it out to see how learning continues amid a pandemic, and to see all the other things happening in Wilkinsburg and how we’re adapting and working through it all.



The May Issue of the Sun has landed!

May 4, 2020 by

May is here, the flowers are coming out, the trees are green and we’re still social distancing. This month’s Sun is again only available digitally, but the good news is it’s right here at your fingertips! No-touch delivery! It’s a photo heavy issue featuring people and businesses finding a way to continue to work through this virus. If you are going tp buy something, please consider a small local business first. You might be surprised how much of what you buy can be purchased from a small business near you! Stay safe and download this issue!


Even if things are getting weird out there, the April Sun is here!

March 29, 2020 by

Yes, the Corona virus has interrupted all of our lives, and it’s a nervous time for many of us. But that just makes community more important, and that’s what Wilkinsburg, and the Sun, are all about. This is a time to show kindness to your neighbors and to yourselves, and it’s a time to take this public safety threat seriously and protect yourself, your family and all of us by following all the guidelines. And if you’re stuck inside waiting out all this craziness, we got your back. While this issue of the Sun is not being printed it is still being sent out digitally. Please enjoy it and share with anyone you know who cares about Wilkinsburg. Stay safe. Click here or on the cover below to download a pdf. As always….free!


The March Issue of The Sun is Here!

February 21, 2020 by

What? The March Sun is out already you say? It’s only February 21st you say? Well, it’s true. We thought you’d like to get a jump on all the great things happening in Wilkinsburg, so we’re releasing the issue a bit early. Not that we’re anxious to be closer to Spring or anything. And don’t forget to help the effort to replace the Abe Lincoln statue…read about the great progress and why your help is needed. You can download a pdf of the issue here.



It’s almost February, and the new Sun is out!

January 23, 2020 by

Yes, it’s cold, but that doesn’t mean good things can’t happen! To find out about all sorts of great things happening in Wilkinsburg, download the February issue of the Sun and start reading. From a new owner of Wilkinsburg’s own urban farm Garden Dreams, to increased funding for the WCDC projects, to progress on the Ardmore wall, there’s a lot to read about!